Ahmed Elsayed

  • Associate Professor (Teaching) in Economics at Durham University
  • Member of the Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies


Ahmed Elsayed is an Associate Professor in Economics and Finance at Durham University Business School. He is a core member of the Ethical Finance, Accountability and Governance (EEFAG) centre, a Research Fellow of the SDGs Network, the Economic Research Forum, and the Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies among other institutions. Furthermore, he is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an Associate Editor of Heliyon Business and Economics journal.


His current research focuses on, but is not limited to, FinTech and Cryptocurrency, Sustainable Finance and Financial Development, Financial Market Integration, Financial Network, and Islamic Banking and Finance. I am also interested in the following research areas Financial Integration, Contagion and Risk Transmission, Financial Econometrics, and Emerging Economies.


In terms of publication, he published many research papers in prestigious Economics and Finance journals such as Economics Letters, International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Energy Economics, Annals of Operation Research, International Journal of Finance and Economics, Finance Research Letters, and Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, among others.